Google – The greatest teacher of our generation


Google, the humble search engine has become the greatest teacher of our generation. It helped us with everything we searched for – right from nursery rhymes and homeworks to the complex university assignments and researches.

Do you remember life before Google? It was arduous. We had to use paper maps, learn languages, and even own a dictionary (the horror!). It has made our lives simpler, easier and faster. We are now able to communicate, educate and entertain ourselves in newer ways. It responded cheerfully even to the silliest questions we have ever asked! It took us to the countries we’ve never been to. It taught us beyond the guidance that we’ve ever recieved from our school or college.

Google never disappoints us because it rarely ever happens that Google does not have the answers. If something does not exist on Google, it does not exist at all. That is the power of Google in the minds of the billions of users. Just type in what you need and the world’s fastest search engine will give you all the answers. Google has thus made life incredibly easier for us.

Lastly, in this fast paced world with technology becoming increasingly complex, our lives becoming increasingly challenging, and the world becoming increasingly disoriented, Google has become a saviour for billions of people. In fact, Google is the only 18-year-old that has an answer to everything without an attitude problem!

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