How to get Traffic to my blog?

We know how important is the traffic to a blog and most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see much traffic to the  their blogs.

Wondering why?

Because they don’t implement few tips which will increase their traffic. I am not saying they don’t know these tips, I am saying that they don’t implement them.


How Can You Drive Traffic to Your New Blog?

Again, we all know there are many ways to get Traffic to a New Blog, however the most important one ” Building Network.” The more network you have the better the chances of increasing traffic to your blog.

The best proven way to build a network around your blog is to “interact with other bloggers or readers around you.”

You can also interact with people using social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter. Trust me this is the foundation to drive traffic to your blog.

Let me tell you some of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog:

Blog Comments:

Commenting on top blogs in your niche increases the chances of getting found to the readers and co-bloggers.

Do not comment with one liners, make sure to add value to your comments, ask questions in the comments. I am sure, the readers will find you if you make a good comment on a blog.

Subscribe to the RSS feeds of the top blogs on the Internet and make sure that you are the first commentator on the blog, so that everyone will definitely look at you. I know they will ;)

Social Networking:

I personally recommend promoting your blog on the Social Network to drive traffic to your blog.  Here are few social networking sites that drive some decent amount of traffic to your blog

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stumbleupon
  • Digg
  • Google+
  • Buffer

Make sure to share your articles on the above social networking sites and I am sure you will see the change right away.

Write Quality Content:

This is the first thing you have to do before promoting your blog. Without an interesting and helpful article, people will never return to your blog as they don’t find it useful, they will forget your blog.

In order to make them visit your blog again and again, you will need to write your best article every time.

You should be unique among the other bloggers to become successful. It will take time to create quality content, its not a big deal, spend time writing a quality article, as we all know “Hardwork Pays

Write detailed posts with 1500+ words once in a while, if you are not a full time blogger like me, at least try to create detailed posts once in a month. By writing lengthy articles you can grab attention of your co-bloggers and readers and you can show your blogging skills to them.

It is very important to create a great articles frequently to survive in the blogosphere, which brings you quality backlinks from other sites and also increase search engine traffic as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest thing that every blogger is looking for. Everyone is trying to rank higher in the Search results, the more higher you climb, the better traffic you have from the Search results.

Some people say, forget about  SEO when you are just starting your blog. Do you think so ( I don’t)?

You need to focus on the keywords that you use and how much keyword density you have to maintain in your articles to get search engine traffic to your blog.

It is very very important to bring Organic (Search traffic) traffic to your blog.  Because it’s free highly effective to take your blog to the next level.

Make sure not to stuff keywords in your articles, as it makes your readers hard to digest what you are saying in your articles.

Do proper keyword analysis before you are writing the articles. If you are beginner then this is enough. Don’t go beyond, you will better understand about SEO when you are spending more time on blogging.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the gift to the bloggers, where you can write articles for other blogs and get a do-follow link from them.

The best thing about the Guest blogging is that you will be introduced to a different community of readers and gain their attention.

If you want to submit a Guest post on Techquester, you can always to it, we are happy to welcome newbie bloggers to submit their posts here.

Video Marketing:

Create a video and add your blog link at the starting and also leave a link in the description.

Make sure to submit them to Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion ….etc.

I personally recommend Camtasia to make videos and you can easily create an “How to” video by capturing screen. Its very easy and worth it.

The end:

Always try to promote your fellow bloggers before asking them to promote your blog, make sure to share, tweet their content. This will make others to promote your content sooner or later and you will have higher chances of getting their attention if they find you Interesting.

Do you think I am missing something? Please let me know it in the comment section below.


  1. says

    Hi Sahith,
    Cool post.

    Of the tips you mentioned, I guess video marketing is the one which have most potential.

    Ultimately in a niche like Blogging, we should realize we belong to a society where people help each other, admire each other and at the same time competition exist. so, one should each method to get good traffic.

    And, once stabilized, should identify the prime sources and focus on those.

    I tried clicking links on sidebar. Each time, I got redirected to Justin Beiber videos. Why is it so.

    PS: I got dropped from

    Jakes recently posted…Top 5 must have free Android Apps for your new SmartphoneMy Profile

    • says

      @Jakes: Yeah, I agree with you Jakes, video marketing is definitely one of the best way to market your blog and as we all know Youtube stands in the top 3 ranks, so there is every chance to get your blog ranked higher by using video marketing.

      What links are you referring to?
      Sahith Hazari recently posted…How to get Traffic to my blog?My Profile

  2. vipul says

    sound good in content i am also waiting for aprroval of google adsence .so mate can i make “about page” instead of “contact page”

  3. says

    Recently My Adsense Account was Approved..And Now I want to get traffic so i needed this type of article so my blog traffic increases..Thanks For Sharing this awesome article. It Helps me lot..

  4. says

    Hello Sahith, great article my friend! yes we all know that if we don;t get traffic to our blogs that we don’t have a business, and I love how you state perhaps we do know what to do but we just are not doing it..

    Then we wonder why we don’t get any visitors or comments. Yeppers I do hear this a lot..
    I think you have pretty much hit on everything here with this article, i do believe that what yu give you will get back so with that said I am off to share Chery :))

    P.S. I did land on your blog today Via Kingged where I also left a comment and kingged this post..
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Reaching Your GoalsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Cherry!

      “we do know what to do but we just are not doing it” What you said was absolutely correct. Everyone know they need to do, but they are not doing it for some reasons. If you are considering blogging as business, then you have to implement everything that you know.

      Hope to see more from you Cherry :)
      Sahith Hazari recently posted…How to Index Your New Blog Post On Google My Profile

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