How to Protect WordPress Website from Content Theft – CopyrightPro

In this post we are are going to discuss about a powerful plugin called CopyrightPro which can protect the valuable content of your website being stolen.

The bitter truth is that there are some group of people who stole contents constantly from our websites and not giving us proper attribution for our hardwork. CopyRightPro is a plugin that prevents content theft of texts and images from your websites. CopyRightPro is a wordpress plugin developed by This is not a complete solution for content-theft, but this plugin can avoid 90% of content theft attempts.

Now let’s see how does it work on our website.

  1. First of all Go to plugins section on your left sidebar of your wordpress dashboard and select Add New.
  2. Now search for CopyRightPro on the search box and click Install.copyrightpro-plugin
  3.  Then click on Activate, this will just activate the plugin in your website.
  4. After activating the plugin you can find a tab named CopyRightpro in sidebar of your dashboard.Then tick the four types of protection for your website and click on Update options.
  5. Tadaa… You have succesffully protected your website from content theft.

Hope this guide helps you to protect the hardwork put on your website.Recommend this guide to your friends and help them from content theft.



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